Primo Profile.

Primobolan is an incredibly efficient anabolic androgenic steroid which received it’s gratitude as the most safe inject. It is one steroid which may provide stable results at a low-calorie diet program. Also it is the only anabolic steroid that will produce strong muscles with bare minimum to zero side effects.

Primo does not convert to estrogens while used in huge dosages, therefore you could get a shaped and toned body successfully. That’s the reason most weightlifters favored it more than alternative steroids. So one won’t need to panic about numerous concerns, which include high blood pressure and water retention.

The potential to strongly connect to anabolic receptor make Methenolone really good “fat burner”. This particular drug assists with reducing breast area lumps. Primo is a very good ancillary. Besides that, like Drostanolone propionate, Methenolone depot won’t convert to estrogens which makes it some of the most secure AAS available.

Effects of Primo Depot.

Primobolan depot is a steroid drug that based on Dihydrotestosterone therefore it will not produce oestrogen while bonding to aromatase enzyme. One do not need to be worried about problems associated with progestogen sex hormone. Throughout steroid use, you shouldn’t have blood pressure difficulty, due to the fact this unwanted effect is relevant mostly to estrogen and water retention – a couple of well-known side-effects which Primobolan doesn’t include. The gains obtained with Primo will be toned musculature.

Methenolone depot is good for usage as last inject at a stack, because it gives much less suppress of natural testosterone synthesis compared to other types of steroids like Sustanon, nandrolone, or even Tren-A. Subsequently, remaining injections of Primobolan depot will help recovery of the natural
testosterone ranges while you end this steroid cycle.

Primo Cycle.

Primo Depot needs other androgenic hormone to surely get the top advantage. Less than 200 mg of Test will certainly be adequate to manage a good condition. When looking to buy pills or injectable steroid, anyone ought to hold in the mind consistently it’s fine to avoid using Methenolone enanthate all alone.

Primobolan depot is a strong fat burning agent, which will not aromatize no matter what dosage you use so you must add aromatase inhibitors in case using it along with Testosterone or other aromitizing steroids. The normal amount of Primobolan is 300 – 600 milligrams weekly. For female the dose is usually between 50 to 100 mg in a week.


Methenolone steroid is normally used in a combo. It is well-liked for bodybuilders to use Primobolan depot with other AAS in order to obtain quicker and more increased result. Methenolone is additionally among the unique steroid drugs which can be used for the very low calorie food plan. That can make Primobolan the most appropriate part of just about every fat-burning combination. During weight loss Methenolone enanthate is most useful in stack with the Clen, Mesterolone, T3 and/or any Test ester.

Alternatively you can add Winny or Anavar, some other moderate anabolic steroid to Methenolone cycles. The actual result of this combination should be a distinctive enhance of hardness and muscular tissue, but in case of Primos the benefits won’t be followed by higher side-effects. So as mentioned before, Primobolan depot can also be used proficiently while in muscle building cycles of workout. The addition of D-bol, Test steroids or Anapolon pills show very powerful results.

Side-effects of Methenolone enanthate.

It displays various advantageous characteristics due to the fact Methenolone enanthate doesn’t convert to estrogen. When running the following roid, oestrogen related side-effects really should not be viewed. Sensitive individuals do not be concerned on bitch tits, and neither whenever they see bloating.

Nevertheless Methenolone will never transform to excess estrogen, just like many other DHT steroids, hairloss remains the only problem for it. The majority of individuals declare it’s no harder to the hairline in comparison with testosterone injects. Different frequent Methenolone depot side effects can be induced because of its androgenicity.

Aggressiveness, lack of sleep, rise in perspiration and acne breakouts can be probable connected to Primos use. In case you have issue just like that, these negative effects fairly quickly disappear altogether whenever you are going to complete your Methenolone depot cycle.

Methenolone posesses a very tiny affect on your HPTA therefore your testosterone producing will be lower while really large dosages are used a long term. Hypertension, cholesterol level usually stay untouched.

Feedback about Primos.

Methenolone is actually pricey anabolic steroid, yet worth purchasing. It combines effectively with all and brings enhanced anabolism for yourmix and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels in normalspectrum. The fact is, Schwarzeneger had been a huge devotee forMethenolone enanthate. Arnie’s beloved stack was Dianabol and Methenolone depot.

Primos had been omitted for some time so a good deal of newbies hardly learned of this amazing anabolic-androgenic steroid. This developed for a number of good reasons. First, till 2002, genuine Methenolone depot was very difficult to find. All the area has been swamped by knockoffs and athletes suddenly lost belief on getting legit Methenolone.

Primo will be a little bit costlier than Test or same manufacturer’s Deca-Durabolin. Certainly not really much more expensive, though you can find people who would preferably save a few dollars and decide on a inexpensive steroid.

Individuals who more interested of safety and precision should find Methenolone the best.

Primobolan online. Primo cycle.

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Primobolan cycle. Primobolan for women.

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